Metro and Molly

Goodness. What a hard two days it’s been. And I feel bad saying that because as hard as it’s been on Dustin and me I’m sure it’s been a thousand times harder of our poor cats.

Yesterday morning before Dustin left he helped me get Metro into his kennel. This doesn’t SOUND bad but if you’ve met Metro you understand why it could be. Metro does not like to go anywhere but the place that we live. And he definitely doesn’t like being stuffed in a kennel. ESPECIALLY if that means he has to go somewhere not involving the apartment. So after we finally got Metro in, we put Molly and hers. And then Dustin left for work.

Meanwhile, I took the poor kitties to the vet. Awful. The whole drive they were meowing like I was taking them to their death. Which, when all is said and done, it probably kind of felt like it to them. I dropped them off with the vet and left feeling pretty sad and wondering if they thought I’d abandoned them.

Today we picked them both up at 9:00AM. We were told that Molly is in amazing health and should be fully healed in two weeks. Metro, however, has some issues. He’s overweight at 23 pounds (23 pounds! How does that even happen!?) He may have a heart murmur but it’s hard to tell because of the fat (oh my gosh). He also has a gum disease but that can be easily cleared up. And because he’s bigger, it’ll probably take about a month for him to heal. Ugh. We have pain medication that’ll last the cats 5 days, which hopefully is all they’ll need. And during that time we need to make sure they don’t get a whole lot of exercise, don’t try to jump on the furniture and are just taking it super easy. It’s so sad. They’ll get up to walk and realize how painful it is and try to run to wherever they’re going. And they both just kind of sit there looking at us asking with their eyes, “Why did you do this!?” I feel absolutely awful. As I write this I can feel tears in my eyes. I know it’s for the best (for us, not them) but it’s so hard to see them in pain. I can only hope they understand that we both love them SO MUCH.

As for Metro’s being overweight, we’ll have to put them in separate rooms to feed them, at least until Menny’s weight is under control. It’s a hassle but 23 pounds is just too much and he can’t be happy that way. Molly, who tends to eat MORE than Metro, is at a perfectly healthy weight. And we just can’t keep putting food down and letting them eat whatever.

Anyway. That’s what’s up with them. It’s going to be a long month and I hope, hope, hope that at the end of it our cats will be back to their cute little selves.

And that they’ll forgive us.

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