Little Bit of This

I thought I’d post a little update on how the kitties are doing.

Molly’s awesome! So happy about that! She’s pretty much acting exactly the way she did before the declawing, which is awesome. Same ol’ crazy kitty, rolling around meowing a lot and acting crazy. I’ve still been a little worried about her jumping on things because she still shouldn’t be doing that but I figure she knows if she’s in pain better than I do and she’s definitely not acting like she’s in pain. We’re down to two more doses of pain meds for her which is super exciting. And then all should be good with her!

Metro is still hard to tell because he spends most of his time under the bed. That’s normal for him but we’ve definitely been keeping an eye on his eating habits and trying to make sure he’s not hurting or anything. His pain meds are a pain in the butt! Unlike Molly, who got hers through syringes, Metro’s pain meds come in the form of pills. He HATES them. So Dustin is constantly battling with him to get him to take them. He’ll definitely take longer to heal but hopefully he’ll be okay eventually.

Taryn’s birthday was lots of fun! We went out with a bunch of her friends to Pier 500 and afterwards went to the bars of downtown River Falls. Dustin actually did karaoke with Ashley’s boyfriend (boy friend? Ugh, labels!) Blake and it was HYSTERICAL! Oh goodness, fun times were had and I definitely was not hungover on Wednesday which was nice. Wednesday around noonish we went out to breakfast with Taryn and her boyfriend Matt (yes, breakfast at noon, got a problem with that?) and then yesterday afternoon D and I went to see Knowing, that new movie with Nicolas Cage.

Knowing… hmm, how to describe it? It started out as one kind of movie and kind of ended as another. For some reason I did like it but… I don’t know. You’d have to see it for yourself to understand.

And that’s about all for now! I have a ‘Bou meeting at 4 today, I work tomorrow and Saturday night and Sunday D and I are going to bum around at the MOA! Yay to that!

More soon!

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