Happy Birthday Taryn!

Happy 21st Birthday Taryn!
My fabulous sister-in-law turns 21 today and I hope you’ll all help me in wishing her the very best 21st birthday!

I gotta say, I’m pretty darn lucky that I ended up having Taryn for a SIL (that’s sister-in-law for you non-Knot.com folks). Having only one sibling, a brother, I always kind of wished that I had a sister (especially during those growing up years when I hated my brother more than anyone else on the planet – sorry Ryan). So when I met Dustin and then later met Taryn and saw what a cool chick she is I was pretty psyched to be so nuts about her brother – because not only was I with a pretty cool guy (don’t let it go to your head sweetie) but when we got married I also got a pretty freakin’ cool sister out of the deal.

So here is to Dustin’s little sister, my little SIL =-) May you have an amazing 21st and many more amazing birthdays to come!

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