Forget A Book

Do you ever wish you could forget a book?

GOD YES! I could name quite a few books that I LOVED so much the first time. There the same books that I’ve then read twice, three times, four times or more. And while they’re still good the second, third or forth time around they just are not as great as that first time. For example, I LOVED LOVED LOVED Divine Secrets of the Ya Ya Sisterhood. It was one of those books where one minute you’re laughing and the next you’re crying. And at the end of it you’re so sad because you almost became friends with those characters and it’s like saying goodbye.

For those that don’t read, it’s kind of like… your first kiss. And that’s with ANYONE (well, anyone that it was meaningful with, anyway). I can tell you exactly what it was like the first time I kissed Dustin. And honestly, I could tell you what it was like the first time I kissed any of the 3 guys that I’ve been in love with in my life (that number does include the hubby). And even though I’ve kissed Dustin zillions of times since that first kiss, they will never be like that first one. And even though they’re good kisses, that first one is DIFFERENT.

So yeah… sometimes I wish I could erase a book from my memory. Just like every now and again I wish I could go back to that very first kiss, just to experience the thrill, the excitement, the loveliness of it.

ANYWAY. This weekend was good. Dustin got a new car on Saturday! It’s a 2003 Nissan Maxima. Dustin is so psyched to have a new car, one that RUNS! And I am excited to get my car back! And after getting his car, we went to lunch with Wade (Dustin’s dad) and Taryn. AND THEN Dustin and I ran some errands and ended up back home for a Friends marathon. Awesome!

Can anyone else believe that daylight savings is in A WEEK? It feels early for some reason or maybe I just can’t believe how fast time seems to go by these days. It’s like I blink and suddenly a month has gone by. Does that just get worse as you get older?

My next big thing with our apartment is to turn our second bedroom into kind of a “study.” What I really mean by study is a cool place for all my books (and I have A LOT). Right now I have one small bookcase with all my books kind of shoved in and the room itself houses all of our random stuff that we kind of threw in. My game plan is to get a much bigger bookshelf, a few wall shelves for my hard covers of Harry Potter and Twilight, maybe some book posters and what not. I know, I’m kind of lame but what can I say? I love books. And I want a room that shows that.

Okay, now it’s time for bed. More soon!

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