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I am SO tired right now. Work wasn’t great and I’m now in a bad mood because of it. Part of me really wants to look for a new job but part of me finds it so easy to stay where I am. I get the hours I need, a get insurance for working part time, it’s easy to request days off. I mean, in a way that’s awesome. But I’m tired of feeling like I put so much in. And I’m tired of feeling like I’m being taken for granted. And I’m tired of being so TIRED all the time! I’m 25, shouldn’t I be LESS tired.

So yeah. Not too much to say today. But a guest asked me some questions on my shout box so I’m going to answer those.

Anyone else have questions? Feel free to ask!

1) What was your favorite part of your wedding day? I think my favorite part was just getting to have everyone I care about it one place to help celebrate how much I love Dustin. It was pretty awesome to have all those people there for US and there were some people there that I haven’t gotten to see in a long time, so that was really cool.

2) What’s your favorite thing about your husband? He balances me. And he also lets me be myself. I’ve been in relationships where I’ve felt I can’t 100% be myself and that’s not a good place to be. It’s nice to know if I want to act like a 5 year old I can and he won’t think I’ve been drinking when I’m acting silly.

3) If you could go back in time and not date on of your exes who would it be? John. He was a huge jerk to me and after I broke up with him he’d randomly pop up in my life and threaten to tell whoever I was currently dating lies about me. I don’t even really know why I dated him. I was at the point in my life where I just wanted someone to make out with. Kinda sad, I know.

4) What’s your favorite season? Autumn. I love sweatshirt weather and the leaves changing colors and just how YUMMY it smells! Plus my birthday is in the fall and so is my wedding anniversary. Can’t go wrong there!

5) Who is your favorite blogger? I don’t have one particular favorite. But all the ones I like reading are right above my shout box!

6) Who is someone that you miss? I miss quite a few people but I think the person I miss MOST would be Amber. It makes me sad that we were friends for nearly 13 years and now we’re not anymore. Every now and again I get this huge urge to contact her. I’m not sure if I’m scared or what but I honestly think it’ll hold me back from ever getting back in contact with her. And that makes me more sad than I can ever explain.
7) What are your top three favorite books? I really don’t think there is any way for me to pick 3. I like different books for different reasons but there are SO many that I love! I think that’s a very bad question to ask a readaholic; it’s like asking a mother to ask which of her children is her favorite!

8) Who do you most identify with on the show Friends? Oh gosh. Probably Rachel. She started out a certain way on the show and grew into such a different person. I feel like in the last decade or so I’ve changed A LOT (some good, some bad).

9) What was your favorite first date? I haven’t gone out on a lot of actual DATES. Most of the time I would start hanging out with someone and then we’d be boyfriend and girlfriend. I mean, Dustin and I were friends for a year before we started “dating” and by then we were like an old married couple. I guess my favorite first DATE would be with Rich. We went to eat at Green Mill and I remember us talking and talking and talking. It was AMAZING how much I loved talking with him. Afterwards we went up to the bluffs (in Winona there are these awesome bluffs, you can see the whole town from them) and it was all very romantic. I still look back on that night with a smile.

10) Do you have kids names picked out? Gloria Joan for a girl (after my grandma and Dustin’s mom). Not sure about a boy name though. We’re thinking maybe Milo Wade (Wade after Dustin’s dad and Dustin’s middle name).

Anyway, off to watch more Friends with D. More soon!

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