I’m FREE!!

Okay, very quick update because it has been a LONG day and I am TIRED.

I had my doctor appointment today to follow up with the car accident from September. My lawyers basically said that they needed a professional okay from a doctor so that they can move forward and make sure there’s not anything else super wrong with me. So at 7:50 this morning I met with a doctor (not my usual, she is a BUSY woman and too hard to get an appointment with) and we talked about the accident and the pain I WAS in and how I’m feeling now. And after all that he said that he’s pretty amazed that I healed as quickly as I did (I rock) and that as far as he’s concerned, I am 100% okay!! Yay! He said I COULD get arthritis down the line, very far down the line, but that’s only a slim maybe. I should keep an eye out, however.

I just cannot explain what a relief it is to finally be able to move forward with this situation. It is so scary to come home almost every day to find more hospital bills with such HUGE amounts owed. I know I don’t need to pay them, they’ll be taken care of, but they’re still scary to see. I just want to finally put all this behind me and move forward. And maybe one day I’ll be telling my children about the weekend of our wedding and it’ll just be a crazy story. I hope one day that’s all that it’ll be.

I added on a tracker to see where people are from that visit this blog. Honestly, I didn’t think anyone read it, so it’s kind of nuts to see people from Shreveport, LA (did you know that’s where one of Sookie Stackhouse’s boyfriends, Eric, is from?), Vermont, London, etc. all coming to my little blog. I wish I knew who you all were! Maybe if you get a second you could write me a little note in my shout box, tell me who you are? Or maybe you’re just stalking me in which case…. um, creepy.

School is going well. My poli sci prof kind of irritates me because he’s a republican and likes to talk about why democrats suck. I have no problem with republicans or ANYONE for that matter but I don’t like people pushing that down my throat and I really don’t think it’s all that professional or wise to use your classroom as a way to voice your political views. Anyway. I really love my marketing and sales class, I think I’ll learn a lot and it’s fun to be able to apply my job to the class and vise versa. And what can I say, I love interpersonal communications. ‘Nuff said.

Anyway… off to bed. More soon!

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