Honeymoon is ALMOST HERE!!

Okay just a quick little blurb because this is the last time I’ll be writing until we get back from our honeymoon!

New Year’s Eve was a good time – Taryn and Matt came over for a little bit and then we spent the night with Julia, Shawn and Sarah AND Jo came over right before midnight. We had nummy food and LOTS to drink (I polished off at least 3 glasses of champagne and two bottles of Boone’s Farm) and it was really good company to bring in 2009 with.

The next few days are going to be CRAZY busy. Dustin works from 8 to 5 tomorrow, which means he’ll leave here at 7 and be home at 6. I work from 11 to 5 (and corporate will be there – joy). We have to get home, pack up the car and then head to the cities. We’re dropping off my car at the dealership for some minor things to get fixed while we’re away and then staying at a hotel by the airport. Our plane takes off at 6:10 the next morning – VERY early day, ugh. We’ve got a 3 hour layover in Denver and then we’ll be in HOUSTON! They’re called for 70 degree weather there on Saturday! We stay in Houston overnight and then take an hour car ride on Sunday from Houston to Galveston where our cruise takes off from!!

Anyway… I hope everyone has a really good week (try not to be too cold while we’re gone) and I hope everyone had a GREAT night last night!

More soon!

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