258 Days

258 Days Until Our Wedding

So far, this is what we’ve got done:

* Ceremony Site (Mom and Dad’s House)
* Reception Site (Ramada Inn)
-Food tasting. We decided on the three dishes that we will serve:
Snapper with baby red potatoes
Pot roast with garlic smashed potatoes
Chicken with herb rice
* DJ (Sounds Unlimited Entertainment)
*My Dress (David’s Bridal – Not Bought Yet)
*Bridesmaid Dresses (David’s Bridal – Also Not Bought Yet)

Oh goodness, I have not written in awhile! We haven’t gotten anything else done but I thought I’d put in an update about what’s going on besides the wedding.

We’ve MOVED! It all happened very fast which is why I didn’t mention it. For awhile now Dustin and I talked about getting our own place but finally decided that we weren’t financially ready. We then decided to move in with Dustin’s sister, Taryn. So we started the process of apartment hunting when Dustin’s grandma suggested we move in with her. So in the matter of a few weeks we moved everything into Dustin’s grandma’s duplex. It’s still a total mess but it’s starting to feel like home.

In the middle of movie I went on a cruise. No, Dustin didn’t come. It was a “family vacation,” which I’m pretty sure means that it was my parents’ last attempt at keeping Ryan and me from growing up. The cruise took off from San Diego and went into Mexico. It was so much fun but at the same time I got really homesick. I wasn’t able to talk to Dustin for 7 days, the longest we’ve gone not talking since we met. It was definitely good to get back home and be with him again.

ALSO, Dustin got a new job! He’s working at an internet company called PressEnter. This is SO exciting because it’s actually something he’s interested in AND he put in his notice at Perkins! He seems to really love it and that makes me SO happy!

Next weekend Nina, one of my bridesmaids, and I will be going up to Hayward to go to the Wedding Expo with my parents. Hopefully we’ll be able to narrow down the officiant, photographer, cake designer and florist. Then we’ll have almost all the big things out of the way, thank goodness!

So, that’s life in a nutshell right now. More to come!

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